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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Oxy natural skin science has been sent by angels to clear up problem skin.

Well it's a bit dramatic but that is what I think the marketing campaign for this range of products should be! 

  As you may be aware I have recently had my first baby. During pregnancy my skin went Ca-ray-zee and broke out everywhere. I had blackheads, white heads and the dreaded cystic spots. The kind that hurt, sting and stick around for weeks. It really got me down. I jumped at the chance to try the range of seaweed based products from Oxy. Oxy are well known for producing fab products in the war against spots but this range focuses on the natural, gentle yet effective use of the powerful seaweed essence. It has been clinically proven to reduce spot causing bacteria, redness and excess oil production. All things I needed in my life.

 I tried the Seaweed power fresh skin wash first. I instantly liked this as it had a fresh scent and gel like texture which is great as I do not like runny watery washes! When I used it I noticed it had small beads of product which exfoliated my skin effectively. It did a great job of cleansing my skin and removing left over make up from my day. I used it twice to really get my skin clean, although you don't have too. The next step in the range is the Seaweed power deep calm balm (try saying that after a couple of vinos...) This was my favourite product of the range, a lovely silky textured balm. I have combo skin and this worked well on both my dry and oily bits (Oooo-er!). It soaked into my skin really quickly and my skin felt very smooth. This also did a great job as a make up base as well, ensuring that my foundation went on like a dream. This is always a worry when I try a new base product because it has to work well with make up. Win! 

 Once a week I used the Seaweed power deep pore exfoliant. It was quite gritty and it definitely shifted my dead skin cells revealing the smooth skin underneath. For when a spot reared it's ugly head I used the very effective emergency spot treatment gel. This promised to reduce the size and redness of a breakout in 4 hours. This product lived up to it claims and reduced a particularly bad cystic spot to nothing overnight. I really rate this product and it's hard to believe it is made from such a gentle formula. I used all the products exclusively for four weeks and I can say they are better than any spot fighting skin care I have tried in the past as I have seen dramatic improvement in my spots. I now have 80% less spots and the remaining ones look like they will be gone soon. I used the two main products together morning and night.

 What I also love about this range is that it is bringing serious technology to the masses with it's innovative Oxy clearlight. I have not tried this gadget but can't wait to. Its a blue light therapy device which uses a wavelength to fight and prevent spots. This is a snip at £39.99 as a salon treatment like this would set you back hundreds! I'll keep you posted....

 All of the products are alcohol, paraban and SLS free. This means that the skin is cared for making it suitable for sensitive skin. I love this gentle approach, a real first when it comes to spot fighting skincare. In the past I have used harsh chemical treatments and have often felt that they have eccacerbated the problem. Finally I have uncovered a gem of a product. The real problem is that I have started to run out..... 

Prices range from £5.99 to £6.99 and are available at Superdrug either online and in store.

 Big hugs, Katie x