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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Make up Hell!

 I am about to describe my make up hell. Sit down and take a deep breath make up lovers.......

 My pigments are all pressed and in a Mac pro palette and I was packing my pigments away after filming my Tulisa make up tutorial when the hell happened.The texture of the pigments means that you still have to be uber carefull with them. I tried to be but this happened.....

My favourite pigments on the floor and spilled in the palette. Great! These are the photos of my big rescue operation using a piece of paper to scoop the pigment onto (with the help of a make up brush!) and then tip back into the pan's.

I then put surgical spirit in and press it with a cotton covered 2p coin to press it solid and voila! Pigments back to normal and crisis averted!

I know that all you make up lovers will feel my shock at seeing my favourite 'all girl' pigment on the floor but I can report that they are in the palette where they belong!

Big hugs,

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