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Saturday, 21 August 2010

My Mission statement

 Hey guys,
Following a long period of sick (I have had a tooth abscess and terrible infection)  I have decided to refocus my blog , you tube channel and website and lay down my own personal mission statement. A statement of make up intent if you will!

 When I created this blog and YT channel my main goal of 'Katie loves make up' was to open a little window into my world of Make-up love. I started off untrained but with massive enthusiasm and three years down the line I now create some amazing bridal looks and my portrait make up is going from strength to strength. I want to share with this you guys! My YT channel is a year old and I love posting celebrity inspired vids with Tulisa from Ndubz and Ellie Goulding being my main inspiration. This blog will be updated twice a week (at least) and my YT channel will be updated weekly (That's a massive commitment but it's so much bloomin' fun!)

The blog will consist of my little world of make up work, inspiration,videos, experiments, reviews, thoughts and views. I have a full time job and in my spare time I paint as many faces as possible and you will see every result -good or bad!

This blog is my creative outlet and for you lovely guys to peruse,comment and follow.

I can promise you guys regular posts with my unique views of this little world we love.

Big hugs



  1. lovely post and the background is so pretty!! :)

  2. Thank-you so much for commenting! The green is my wallpaper! x