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Thursday, 18 November 2010

I am obsessed with new You Tube gurus!

Hey guys,

 For a while I have not found any new inspiring Youtubers. I have always enjoyed youtube with the Pixiwoo sisters and Kandee Johnson being my go to gurus-I am always excited when I see one of their Vid's in my subs box! But lately i have not found anything new to shout about. for me my make up gurus have to have something unique. 

 But the following channels have really inspired me.

  Uzma Yakoob and Sculpy beauty is a breath of fresh air. Her videos are based on looks I want to create and she uses products that I can buy easily and are good value for money. I love the way she edits the videos and makes them informative. I have even bought the Sculpt Beauty Iphone app which alerts me when they have a new video! Keep it up Uzma!

 Those fans of ten Years younger will recognise Lisa as the resident Make up artist and know that she knows exactly what she is doing! She has crated my favourite look this year of Nicole Richie Marie Claire magazine cover and shares the secrets with us on her well presented channel. I am hooked and love her! I recently read a interview with Sam Chapman who states that when she has time she watches Lisa's videos. If that's not a major endorsement then I don't know what is!

 A new one to me and it's an american school based in NYC. The instructors do things totally out of the box and is fab to see. Check out the Avant Garde baby doll look. I must admit if I ever go to NY again I will be stocking up on their products big time! I'm off to check out the rest of MUD's vids.....

Honorable mentions;

 And me of course!

Shameless plug x x 
Enjoy guys!

Big hugs

Katie x x

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