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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My new favourite You Tube Channels....

 Hey girls and guys,

 I am going to share so major YT love with you today. I mist admit over xmas and the new year YT sucked. It was all about the same people and the same videos. Obvs the amazing Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge are the exception.... But the following peeps have made it all good again! 

 Emily Jessica B TV 

 This girl rocks and as you know we have recently collaborated. She deserves so many more views than she gets.My favourite video is of course her interpretation of Andrew Gallimore. Tell all your friends about her!

 Samantha Schuerman

 Sam is from America and some of the products she uses I can't buy but I don't care! This girl rocks my world and I cannot get enough of her tutorials. She manages to make every look fresh and her playful attitude is a breath of fresh air. Her vlogs are awesome too. My favourite look is the playboy inspired recent vid. Fudgerooo!

 Jean Francois CD

 This guy is SSIIIICKKKK with his make up application. Every look he completes is flawless and I hope one day I have his liner skills! My favourite video of his is Gaga for Gaga-Cook-n-kill. Everyone was doing telephones looks and this was the best! His outtakes are proper funny too.

 Check them all out as they are too awesome for words.

 Big hugs


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