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Sunday, 9 January 2011

31 videos...

This weeks video stats : 20 lovely subscribers, 1 weirdo and 0 haters.
 Happy with that!

 Hey guys,

 You may be aware that last year I did the same series to kick off the new year. I decided to film and upload a video a day for the 31 days of January to give me a challenge and achieve something big in the new year. Well I did it and really enjoyed myself. I ended the month with what I purchased at IMATS and I will be doing the same this year.

 I didn't take the decision to do it again this year lightly as it is A LOT of hard work, rewarding but hard! Inspiration has flowed a little easier than last year and these are the videos I have done so far;

One- My favourite products of 2010
Two-  The Eve Pearl method
Three- Where do I put my eyeshadow/eyeliner again?
Four- Make up expiry dates
Five-Frankie Sandford 'Higher' inspired make up
Six-Frankie Sandford inspired hair
Seven- My favourite blushers
Eight-My neutral eye
Nine- My make up room tour

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 I appreciate everyone who views my videos so feedback is appreciated

 Big hugs
 Katie x

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